Tagetes Femme

$ 90.00

Sparkling feminine opening notes of black currant bud, Indian marigold, and bergamot open into a full heart of orange flower, vanilla, rose absolute and sage, finishing in a warm drydown of fruity musk, sandalwood, resins, tonka, and patchouli. Tagetes femme honors the Marigold, symbol of eternal life and transformation, and is made with a very high percentage of natural ingredients.

MOOD: Contemporary, elegant and feminine.

FAMILY: Oriental


TOP NOTES: Indian Marigold, Bergamot from Italy, and Blackcurrant Buds
HEART NOTES: Tunisian Orange Flower and Vanilla, White Sage, and Rose absolute
BASE NOTES: Modern Fruity Musks, Sandalwood, Resins, Tonka, and Patchouli


What People Are Saying…

“When I first tried on Tagetes Femme, I was reminded of some of the sweet, floral musk oils I wore in my days of being a young hippie girl when I wanted a change from my ever-present patchouli. The aroma was an almost instant comfort, sending me back to a more carefree time. I imagine that because I think of my hippie days as being more toward the exploration of the colors, attire, and scents of India, this fragrance, with its hints of sandalwood and blossoms, evokes an image of being clad in swirling, bright skirts dotted with embroidery and tiny mirrors, of silk scarves and the tinkling of tiny bells on my wrists. There are musks in the base of this that are, wonderfully, the kind of musk I can smell, so they take the forefront for me of what is enjoyable in this fragrance. Tagetes Femme is unabashedly sweet. It is not cloying in the least, just a lovely clear hit of the best parts of floral, slightly fruity, musky delight. – CaFleureBon Magazine

“Tagetes Homme and Tagetes Femme are another kind of perfume couple. Both are centered on the more unusual perfume theme of marigold; that unassuming bright flower symbolic of summer, especially beloved in India. Its bright colored flower belies its seriously dry green fragrance, here modified with sage and violet leaves, made even more complex by resins, woods and patchouli. Femme is softened with berry, while Homme emphasizes green astringency, and both linger out to a bittersweet end.

“Perfect for the intense humidity of my summer, because it cuts through the haze with clarity as it connects to the refreshing power of a concentrated dark green life force.

“In India people create garlands of marigolds to drape around themselves, or the room, and then meditate within the purified atmosphere. These perfumes reference Genda Attar, the traditional Indian fragrance therapeutically used to cleanse the air, of marigold and sandalwood. These two perfumes build on that traditional form to incorporate deeper incense and amber accords for a multi-faceted effect, divided into yin and yang versions, one softer and sweeter and the other ultra dry.

“I can imagine a couple having both sets of these coupled perfumes, as they would reflect two sides among many facets of a relationship. One could be a souvenir of the honeymoon, and and the other could be the gracefully enhanced peace and quiet of a lucky everyday life.” – Indie Perfumes Magazine

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