A Study in Water

$ 90.00


Femme Watery Floral

A Study in Water was inspired by the element of fresh water.  My goal in making this incredibly sheer, wet, and innocent fragrance was to retain the elegance, longevity and sillage of the most excellent  of classic perfumes. – Shelley Waddington

TOP NOTES: Muguet, Lime, Green Apple, Bergamot, Dew 

HEART NOTES: Floral Waters, Green Leaves, Orange Blossoms

BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood, Cabreuva, Water Notes, Musk

MOOD: Refreshing, cool, wet and sexy


What People Are Saying…

“’A study in Water’ is quite interesting. smells familiar because we are using liters of eau de cologne in this part of the world and it resembles the same light, hesperidic and airy profile, though much better. this is a perfect non-agressive fragrance to be used in offices or crowded areas. - Vedat Ozan, Istanbul

“I would venture so far as to say “this is what many other, very famous fragrances MEANT to be.” That’s simply one woman’s opinion, but I don’t think it’s hyperbole. Debussy in a bottle.  For me, Shelley’s water is dovelike and playfully amorous.  In tints of tint she paints little drops of  liquid Bonnard to lighten the spirit and please the senses.” – Fragrantica Magazine, Ida Meister

An absolutely gorgeous fragrance. I recommend this perfume to anyone that likes the florals in the Ormonde Jayne line.  – EauMG Magazine, Victoria Jent

A Study in Water is ahhh-mazing. Do you hear me, reader? Amazing. Like I’ve almost used my entire sample in less than three weeks and I’ve already set aside money to buy a bottle before the end of October. That amazing. The first time I put it on, it was that startling slap of instant love for me. I thought, “I should hate this,” but while my head said, “Aquatic – bleck!,” my heart was like, “Shut it, foo! I WANT MORE!” It’s gotten under my skin in the best way. - Feminine Things Blog, Diana Wiener Rosengard

Shelley Waddington is one of my absolute favorite perfumers, it was hard for me not to get too excited when sampling A Study in Water. Upon first sniff, my thoughts were simply “How in the world?? She’s done it again!” - The Perfume Critic, Marlen Elliot Harrison

Fresh green floral fragrance with an exciting polyphony of citrus notes. This is a fantasy of a pure spring pulsating somewhere in a lovely forest in the bushes of lily-of-the-valley leaves. Sunny and appetizing notes of citruses and green apple mingle with the delicate white flowers, and the most audible among them is the lovely tinkling of lily-of-the-valley bells! A warm support of trees grows through the development. The note of water magically grows as well, as if, after looking around, you kneel down to drink. A very cheerful and light perfume with very distinctive water notes. I have no idea how Shelley has succeded in distilling water itself. – Fragrantica Magazine

A fresh, unisex scent with green, tart top notes like lime and green apple… When you experience this perfume, you walk through a misty, dewy forest with ferns, flowers, and faeries.  If it were a color, it would be pale green surrounded by nebulous rays of sunshine.  - Scentual Soundtracks

“A Study in Water is  freshness evaporating into the air, leaving behind the mineral traces that formed the body of a refreshing, immersive pool.  There could be a few bright green leaves floating in this water. The dry down evokes the tautness of skin splashed with cool water, with a hypnotic base of sandalwood and musk, heightened by a touch of lily of the valley, water notes, and orange blossoms. Swooning yet grounded; as the water spirit Undine is caught in her swoon by a romantic hero.”   – Indie Perfumes Magazine

“A Study in Water was my personal favorite. Clean and fresh everyday fragrance.” – Judge, International  Fragrance Salon Awards Competition

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