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Shelley Waddington Self Portrait

About Shelley Waddington

Artisan Perfumer and Author

“Like French Haute Parfumerie, En Voyage Perfumes is synonymous with high standards, luxury, and creative daring. It recognizes only exceptional products created using the most exclusive raw materials and rewards traditional know-how. En Voyage shares and promotes a set of values in the US and internationally: the association of tradition and modernity, of know-how and creativity, and of history and innovation.” – Mark Behnke, Colognoisseur

Shelley Waddington, founder of EnVoyage Perfumes and recipient of multiple international awards, and author of “Perfuming with Natural Isolates”, is a true underground force in fine fragrance and a force majeur in the rising American West Coast school of perfumery.

Waddington’s Award-Winning Collections are created in her studio and have been lauded globally by her peers, the fragrance industry, and consumers for their innovation and beauty. Waddington continually challenges herself by designing and expanding her horizons creating perfumed stories; these are Shelley’s own signature scents, each inspired by her knowledge of perfume chemistry and composition, indigenous raw materials, by art, artists, literature and the gorgeous world around her.

Waddington is available for consultation, instruction, and design of bespoke fragrances for individuals, groups, and events in her studio. Her current prêt-à-porter fragrances can be viewed here. For an appointment with Ms. Waddington please contact her at (408) 807-2481.