Souvenir de Chocolate Trio – Captured in Amber

$ 65.00

An Amber Perfume for Men and Women

Captured in Amber, was inspired by the opiated Oriental fantasies that gripped turn-of-the-century Paris and London.

We’ve showcased the sweet, slightly animalic scents of ambergris and labdanum, combined them with vanilla, tonka bean, flowers, spices and woods, and combined them with exotic resins of Persia, Egypt and India to evoke the Victorian era fetish for the Orient.

And chocolate, perversely rich and dark. Chocolate and amber are both associated with poetry and rapture. We’re told that they’re excellent for healing the heart on a spiritual level.

Excellent diffusion and longevity

Excellent for layering with other perfumes

Classic Persian Amber Accord
Dark South American Chocolate Accord
New Zealand Beach-washed Ambergris
A Touch of Bitter Orange


What People Are Saying…

Captured in Amber is salty and softly spicy with the moorish bitter edge of dark chocolate and a low, animalic purr. It’s comforting and warm the way ambers usually are. However there’s also a sensuality to it, in the same way an exquisite taste sensation can give you an almost indecent thrill. How often do we get real ambergris in our perfume these days? Its presence here is a very rare treat. - Tara, Olfactoria’s Travels Magazine

I received this perfume as a gift recently. Captured In Amber by En Voyages Perfumes. The fragrance is the perfect scent for the transition of summer to fall. The notes include chocolate, coconut and a subtle amber. The coconut is deeper and gives the feeling of saying good bye to days on the beach, as the amber welcomes you into fall with the resinous tones of leaves. There is one down side, it smells so good it is almost edible. Beware, you may get the urge to eat your own arm. - Kimberly Parent

SOTD: Envoyage's "Captured in Amber" a stunning fragrance for a bitterly cold day in the Tundra! It warms my heart and soul! This is a unisex fragrance that could be enjoyed by both men and women! - Charlotte Scheuer, Founder Facebook Fragrance Friends

"I have never liked amber. Ever. Always wanted to. I’m serious, I’ve tried Goutal, Lutens, Amouage - I gave up. But Captured in Amber is perfect. The chocolate smoothes the amber, it’s very sexy, rich & lovely." - Valerie CQ Sperrer, aka The Cookie Queen of Australian Perfume Junkies

“Captured in Amber is a beautiful amber and chocolate affair, with a slight animalic overtone (ambergris), rounded out by stunning resins. Many amber perfumes have a tendency to become powdery on my skin. No powder here, and it suits me just fine.” Carlos J Powell, Fragrance Writer, GoodSmellas “A sultry blend of Arabian and Persian amber accords and inspired by the European fascination with the Orient in the Victorian era, Captured in Amber radiates a heavenly harmony of exotic gums, regal resins and rare balms.” - John Reasinger, Editor in Chief, CaFleureBon Magazine

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