$ 90.00

Amber and Oud for Men

L'Hombre is perhaps one of the best masculines I have composed. It is boozy (but not too much), sweet, spicy, mysterious, sexy...in short, everything a MAN should be. Good longevity and sillage were important, as well as a discreet blending of the oud so that that it wouldn’t shout ." – Shelley Waddington

TOP NOTES: Fine aged malt scotch, Spices, and Citrus

HEART NOTES: Dark Coffee and Sacred Incense

BASE NOTES: Black Oud, Coffee, Mineral Amber, Haitian Vetiver, Tree Moss, Aged Patchouli, and Musk.

2013 Gold Medal Award Winner for  Best aroma, Best ingredient combination, Most unique, Top artisan perfumer

What people are saying…

“Your perfumes are really beautiful. I usually don't talk about perfumes "in gender" but L'Hombre is so special masculine perfume. I just feel its strength, beauty and rough passion in its best way. You're right when you say on En Voyage site "...sexy...in short, everything a MAN should be." – Damir

“My pick, L'Hombre - En Voyage Perfumes” – Judge, International Fragrance Salon Awards Competition


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