Souvenir de Chocolate Trio Coffret

$ 70.00

Our carefully curated set of all three award-winning fragrances, Café Cacao, Indigo Vanilla, and Captured in Amber, in .14 oz parfum extraits. 

Each of these fragrances stands on its own, but are made to be easily combined and layered. Per our perfumer, "In this way we’re able to provide a very new and unique experience for fragrance lovers. The wearer can now create multiple rich, vintage experiences of their own. Our clients can now be fragrance creators in their own right.”


TOP: Vanilla Powder, Rose Sugar, Ground Cardamom, Bergamot Peel
HEART: Espresso Cafe, Steamed Milk, Salt, Dark Cacao, Rich Whipped Cream
BASE: Soft Amber, Himalayan Musk, New Zealand Beach-combed Ambergris


TOP: Sugared Violet
HEART: Chocolat Chaud, Crème Douce
BASE: Soft Woods, Vintage Ambergris, Vanilla alliage, Tonquin Musk


Classic Persian Amber Accord
Dark South American Chocolate Accord
New Zealand Beach-washed Ambergris
A Touch of Bitter Orange

What People Are Saying…

Shelley has been kind to perfume lovers as well as chocoholics by making these fragrances. – Tara, Olfactoria’s Travels Magazine

Thank you very much for making this set of Souvenir de Chocolate. Gorgeous perfumes, all of them. Violet in Indigo Vanilla is stunning, and the unity of ambergris and chocolate in Captured in Amber is just divine. – Damir, Client in Zagreb, Croatia

“These are really an excellent example of what indie perfumers can do.” – Mark Behnke

"Souvenir de Chocolat is a must for those foodies/scent fans."  ~Stevie Wilson

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