Go Ask Alice

$ 80.00

Unisex Oriental-Amber

"Go Ask Alice contemporizes the theme of the 1967 Summer of Love, a time when young Americans protested the Vietnam War, sold flowers, smoked pot, and trailed clouds of patchouli, and raises it to the level of a classy, wearable, and versatile perfume." – Shelley Waddington

TOP NOTES: California orange peel, bitter orange Caribe, bergamot from Calabria, Sri Lankan black pepper, and orange flower laced with fresh raspberry and strawberry

HEART NOTES: Patchouli leaf tincture, mimosa blossoms, and rose absolute

BASE NOTES: Vintage patchouli Sumatra, sandalwood deux, cocoa, vanille, tonka, labdanum Spain, balsam Peru France, and beach-washed ambergris

MOOD: Joyous adventure


What People Are Saying…

Number One International Perfume Release, 2011

First Place Winner of Islander’s Choice Award, 2011

“Go Ask Alice holds my #1 spot for 2011 as it radically shifted my perception of natural perfumes and cemented my love for patchouli…and I have yet to meet a single person who dislikes it. Seriously gorgeous work.” – Marlen Elliot Harrison, The Perfume Critic

“Martha’s Vineyard residents from ages 18 to 65 voted Go Ask Alice as their favorite perfume from the Patchouli Summer of Love event.” – Monica Miller, The Perfume Pharmer


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