Souvenir de Chocolate Trio – Café Cacao

$ 65.00

A Vintage Gourmand for Men and Women

Marie Antoinette took a bit of ambergris in her hot chocolate, did you know? (We’re told that Louis XV was an aficionado as well.) And Empress Josephine liked her musk so much that she had her workmen embed it in her walls.

Using the coveted royal fragrances of Josephine's musk & Marie Antoinette's amber-laden cocoa, we’ve created a perfumed version of the Parisienne café mocha. Café Cacao is a sensuous perfume with a surprisingly aphrodisiac effect.

Set in a stunning yet subtle amber base that lends a much-appreciated wearability, dark French roast café, steamy milk, and dark cacao are topped with sweet cream, sprinkles of vanilla powder, rose sugar, and cardamom.

Excellent diffusion and longevity

Excellent for layering with other perfumes

TOP NOTES:  Vanilla Powder, Rose Sugar, Ground Cardamom, Bergamot Peel
HEART NOTES:  Espresso Cafe, Steamed Milk, Salt, Dark Cacao, Rich Whipped Cream
BASENOTES:  Soft Amber, Himalayan Musk, New Zealand Beach-combed Ambergris


What People Are Saying…

2014 Awards:  Best in Salon, Top Artisan Perfumer, Most Sensual Scent, and People's Choice Award for Best Aroma

“Just tried my sample of Café Cacao by EnVoyage Perfumes - I am in love... I will be saving up for a bottle,that is certain!! - Now, I still have to try the other two looking forward to ordering more samples!! Thank you for creating something this exquisite - it feels like it was made just for me ( it is THAT special... ) Very grateful to Shelley Waddington for helping me wash away the worry,sadness and stress of the day with this heart-stirring scent. - Feeling Blessed 

“I barely cracked a smile all day today but the instant that I applied and sniffed this it was like my entire being was smiling.”  - EL

“Just received a parcel from En Voyage Perfumes. Tested Café Cacao and Go Ask Alice so far, deeeelightfull! Thanks to Shelley Waddington for real quick service and 4 samples, I am overwhelmed. I will be returning for doing business with En Voyage Perfumes again.” - Jan Erik Nikolaisen

“Café Cacao is absolutely delicious and decadent, yet not cloying. The coffee note is in the background, making it smell more like a chocolate mocha latte. Rich and frothy. I just love it. It certainly is my personal favorite of the trio.” - Carlos J Powell, Fragrance Reviewer, GoodSmellas

“This is a devilishly delectable scent. It is yummy and mysterious as sugar & spice fade before wafting a hypnotizing ménage à trois of honeyed resin, dark marine amber and heady musk.”  - John Reasinger, Senior Editor CaFleureBon Magazine

“This is absolutely delicious! Fantastic work.”  - Freddie Albrighton, Fragrance Writer, SmellyThoughts

“Each of these new fragrances stands on its own, but are made to be easily combined and layered.” - Tama Blough, Managing Editor CaFleureBon Magazine

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