Vents Ardents

$ 90.00

Rustic Amber for Men and Women

A timeless message in a bottle, carried to shore by a gentle breeze, words from the heart.

TOP NOTES: Curacao, Wild Oranges, Bay Rum, a touch of Tropical Fruits

HEART NOTES: Venezuelan Tonka Beans, Heliotrope, Magnolia, French Narcissus

BASE NOTES: Amber, Mahogany, Tobacco, Oak, Driftwood, Musky Vanilla, Balsams

Mood: Warmly physical, ardent, adventurous, swash-buckling

Vents Ardents sails tropical seas under an ardent sultry sun. A fragrance snapshot of smoky mahogany ships, and south sea cargoes of creamy fruits, bright Caribbean citrus, vanilla beans, bay, tobacco and Jamaican rum. Narcissus and heliotrope, wafting island fragrances, are accompanied by the fragrance of driftwood and waves on sun swept sandy white beaches.

Layered, Nectars des Îles and Vents Ardents become a new third fragrance, a signature scent for couples


What People Are Saying…

“Vents Ardents opening scent signals of rum and Curacao have an expansive relaxing effect; the mood is enlivened by wild orange, soothed and warmed by tonka bean set beside heliotrope, magnolia and French narcissus, floating over amber and mahogany, then released into the slightly trance-y effect of the essence of tobacco, dry oak and driftwood, musky vanilla and balsams. The final impression is of a vanilla/amber laced with floral notes. Rewarding close attention, there is a lot of detail as in the more you look the more you will find. To focus on these perfumes as the layers are revealed, is to pleasurably have your attention led through the process.” – Indie Perfumes Magazine

“One of my own favorites is a fragrance from a California indie perfume house, Vents Ardents. Created with men in mind but I wear it a lot myself. It is a fantasy of fruits, woods, vanilla, spices and tobacco that is incredibly delicious. These two were actually made as a his-and-hers duet, and can even be layered together for an incredibly luscious fragrance experience that is the ultimate expression of a tropical paradise.” – The Portland Examiner

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