The Discovery Sample Collection

$ 90.00

A carefully curated set of all En Voyage Perfumes’ current collections and fragrances. Eau de parfum samples of 

  1. Havâne pour Homme  (from the Odyssey Collection)
  2. L’Hombre (from the Odyssey Collection)
  3. Lorelei (from the Odyssey Collection)
  4. Makeda (from Odyssey Collection)
  5. Nectars des Îles  (from the Odyssey Collection)
  6. Pêche Noir  (from the Odyssey Collection)
  7. Tagetes Femme (from Odyssey Collection)
  8. Vents Ardents  (from the Odyssey Collection)
  9. Fiore di Bellagio (from the Masterpiece Collection)
  10. New York Man (from the Masterpiece Collection)
  11. Zelda (from the Masterpiece Collection)
  12. Souvenir de Chocolate Trio – Café Cacao (from the Masterpiece Collection)
  13. Souvenir de Chocolate Trio – Captured in Amber (from the Masterpiece Collection)
  14. Souvenir de Chocolate Trio – Indigo Vanilla (from the Masterpiece Collection)
  15. A Study in Water (from the Cosmologie Collection)
  16. Chang Chang (from the Cosmologie Collection)
  17. Durango (from the Cosmologie Collection)
  18. Frida eau de parfum (from the Masterpiece Collection) 
  19. Go Ask Alice (from the Odyssey Collection)
  20. Rainmaker (from the Odyssey Collection)

The perfect gift!  Each sample in 0.80 gram glass vial.

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