Souvenir de Chocolate Trio – Indigo Vanilla

$ 65.00

A Violet/Amber/Musk Fusion for Men and Women

Inspired by the sensuous and sultry jazz of the 20’s, and the creamy goodness of New Orleans hot chocolate made with steamed milk, sumptuous whipped cream, and topped with violette sucrée, Indigo Vanilla emerges as a stylish and wearable fusion of amber, musk, sugar-coated violets, and creamy chocolate.

Excellent diffusion and longevity

Excellent for layering with other perfumes

TOP NOTES: Sugared Violet
HEART NOTES: Chocolat Chaud, Crème Douce
BASE NOTES: Soft Woods, Vintage Ambergris, Vanilla alliage, Tonquin Musk


What People Are Saying...

This is much more about violet than chocolate or vanilla. The flowers smell as if they have been crystalised in sugar and set atop a vanilla flavoured hot chocolate. It’s as if you’re inhaling the vanilla scented milky chocolate through a bouquet of cool, sweet violets. The drydown is gently musky. - Tara, Olfactoria’s Travels Magazine

SOTD: EnVoyage's "Indigo Vanilla" for a cold and snowy winter day! How does one capture a candied violet (love them) with chocolate and make it smell delicious, well this one does! - Charlotte Scheuer, Founder, Facebook Fragrance Friends

SOTD: En Voyage, Indigo Vanilla. Unsniffed sample, amply applied, because I simply trust that Shelley's art is always That Good. I am not at all disappointed today. - Jen Sunderland, Fragrance Writer

“The violet is absolutely fantastic – a violet I’ve been hunting for. Indigo Vanilla is an exceptional, unconventional gourmand that is made with such intelligence that is a joy to wear. It’s a dream come true and a beautiful piece of work.” - Freddie Albrighton, Fragrance Writer, SmellyThoughts

“Shelley's a classical perfumer, but her creations are completely original. My personal favorite, perhaps IMHO the best scent in the show (the 2014 San Francisco Artisan Fragrance Salon), is Indigo Vanilla.” - Mary Orlin, Huffington Post

“The addition of sugared violets, is like nothing I've smelled before, and I think it works well. How did Shelley take on such a decadent theme, without creating overly cloying perfumes? Well she did! These perfumes have already won three First Place Gold Medals at The Artisan Fragrance Salon People's Choice Awards 2014 for Best in Salon, Top Artisan Perfumer, and Most Seductive Scent. Congrats!” - Carlos J Powell, Fragrance Writer, GoodSmellas

“I love them all!” - Antonia Kohl, Owner TigerLily Perfumery

"Indigo Vanille from Shelley Waddington today. Wow, now this is THE violet perfume for me . I get a little chocolate, just a tiny hint, but this has to be the best violet I've ever smelt." - Peter Corcoran

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