Chang Chang

$ 90.00

Femme Sunny Floral with Fruit Notes

Chang Chang was inspired by the element of fire - specifically, the Sun.  My goal with this fragrance was to express the bold solar elements of summer within a classic perfume with unapologetic sillage and longevity.    Shelley Waddington


MOOD: Hot, elegant, sexy sizzle

TOP NOTES: Solar Notes, Marigold and Blood Orange

HEART NOTES: Summer Blossoms in Sweet Creme

BASE NOTES: White Wood and Fruity Musk


What People Are Saying…

“Chang Chang is on the warm and sunny side of the celestial arc, and is in fact a true embodiment of the word celestial for me.  With it I am surrounded and uplifted by an abstract mood enhancer whose upwardly moving draft of beautified air I breathe in with gratitude for its "summer blossoms in sweet cream" crossed with solar notes (!). There are marigolds, which themselves are the essence of dry heat; blood orange, which pricks at the nose promising refreshment, white wood, of a dry yet solid clarity, and other notes that reward every molecule of alert pleasure etched in my memory bank by recalling and triggering a renewed connection to same.”   – Indie Perfumes Magazine

"An exceptionally creative piece of work. It reminds me a touch of M/Mink by Byredo, with a similar lemony marine, almost avant-garde opening. Absolutely brilliant."            – Smelly Thoughts Perfume Blog


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