Vents Ardents Perfume Review

Notes: Curacao, Wild Oranges, Bay Rum, Tropical Fruits, Venezuelan Tonka Beans, Heliotrope, Magnolia, French Narcissus, Amber, Mahogany, Tobacco, Oak, Driftwood, Musky Vanilla, Balsams

The fragrances of Shelley Waddington Brand, En Voyage Perfumes, tell us olfactive histories combining the aroma of their notes with her artistic sensibility. Although Vents Ardents is not on her collection dedicated to the place where she lives and love, Carmel-by-the-Sea, you have the impression that it the cheerful and exotic city also inspired her.

What those exotic and hot winds of the name bring from the tropical city: A complex panoramic view of different smells. Fruits, liqueurs, woods, flowers and gourmand aromas are blended in an intrinsic invisible postal card, that is build progressively as the scent transforms itself on skin.

Shelly conduct us by hot winds that goes simultaneously through those inspiration, carrying a colorful gourmand, woody, floral and citric aroma, perfect for both men and women. You get a cheerful sweet citric wind at the opening, a combination of tropical and citric fruits and the sugared alcoholic of Curacao and bay rum. At those first moments the winds goes towards vanillas, almonds and caramel impressions, which seems to dance on the hot wind with the exotic flowers, they being also slightly sweet and seeing to be almost edible.

Surrounding the mouthwatering desserts and flowers you can notice a natural tobacco aroma that brings more richness to the overall impression of the aroma that the winds form on skin. At the core of those winds you see a good dose of balsamic and woody smells, that mix with the other impressions and complete the impression that Vents Ardents have to offer, a complex tropical history that avoids being a stereotype and tries to challenge who smell it to discover all its nuances, to get the fruits, liqueurs, desserts and the nature of the place. Vents Ardents is so fascinating due to the passion of the perfumer and the talent to do such a complex combination that end showing love and sensibility to the place she lives even outside the core collection dedicated to Carmel-by-the-Sea.