This Blog Really Stinks Fragrance Review: L’Emblem Rouge & L’Eau de Emblem Rouge

L'Emblem Rouge eau de parfum and L'eau de Emblem Rouge floral water (perfume reviews) 

I have gone on record saying I do not care to smell like a rose.

And then, in the same post, I immediately proved myself wrong. Multiple times.

Why is it, then, that I'm always concerned when I'm handed a rose-based fragrance? Why do I often ignore the rose scents I own?

Perhaps I need to talk to a psychologist about these things.

Needless to say, I danced nervously around my samples of Shelley Waddington's newest scents for her line, En Voyage Perfumes.


I'm an idiot and a slow-learner, I suppose. Also, I was a little confused by the fact that one of the samples I was sent was "a hydrosol". I had no clue what that meant and what I one was supposed to do with a hydrosol. I clutched under the pressure. Regardless, it was eventually time to (wo)Man Up.

Diving in...

Spice of Life rose

L'Emblem Rouge edp

This perfume is the first in En Voyage's new Rubicon Collection of 100% natural scents. Reading that, if you expect this to be a limpid and wan creature you are going to be disappointed.

L'Emblem Rouge starts right out of the gate with a kick. The opening slightly-dark swirl of fruits and spices is really lovely. Like an Autumn squall, the early burst is relatively shortlived, though. The fire is soothed by the gorgeous floral blend in the center, most of which is ylang-ylang and rose on my skin (likely, these are the only notes I'm savvy enough to pick out). The drydown is a lovely, honeyed sandalwood and vanilla. I wish this scent would last all day, strong, but it doesn't. It's just not that kind of perfume. However, you can smell the drydown hours later - very close and soft. It's really quite a treat.

If you enjoy a spicy facet to your Fall perfumes, this is one to consider trying.

The official notes list:
Top Notes: Cassie, Mace, Cinnamon, Bitter Orange, Juicy Grapefruit, Green Pepper, Iranian galbanum, Violet, and Cistus
Heart Notes: Iranian Rose Otto, Ylang-Ylang, Heliotrope, French Jasmine sambac, Violet, and Honey
Base Notes: Guaiacwood, Sandalwood, Copaiba, Vetiver, Cedarwood Virginia, Tolu Balsam, Benzoin Siam, Tonka, Vanilla and Ambergris.


L'eau de Emblem Rouge

First things first: I had to suss out what a hydrosol is. Basically, L'eau de Emblem Rouge is a perfumed water created by Master Distiller Dabney Rose. It was created by distilling the perfume with additional rose petals. It can be used to freshen your perfume (!), which comes in handy. It can also be used to enhance moisturizers with a spritz on the skin before applying your cream. Spritz it as a lovely, light-scented cool-off spray and you won't be sorry. Or, spray it on your linens, lingerie, or hair for a soft, fresh boost.

I was a little reticent to apply this to my face, mostly because my skin is irritated right now, and a little because I don't like a strong smell on my face - especially rose. I found that out ages ago when testing a rose-based skincare line. I did use it before body moisturizer and loved it - it also accented the rose-based scent I put on afterwards. Score!

I then tried this as a linen spray - directly on my bed and pillow. I'm in love with it. I was totally surprised, too, to find that my room smelled deliciously of lightly-spiced rose hours later. Impressive. But, it wasn't too strong on my pillow! Meaning, I could smell it and it was delightful, but it wasn't over-powering or distracting. Double-score! How did Dabney Rose and Shelley Waddington do it?