Tagettes Femme: Most Memorable and Favorite Fragrances of 2012 by Fragrance Belles-Lettres Magazine

MEMORABLE AND FAVORITE FRAGRANCES OF 2012 by Fragrance Belles-Lettres Magazine

Taken by Jane Booke
Lylli Bleu by The Scented Djinn
Sampagunta Jasmine by 40 Notes Perfume
Lioness by Sarah Horowitz Parfums
Goldy and Broderie by Hayari Parfums
Fleur De Caramel by Velvet and Sweet Pea Purrfumery
Vanilla Citron by Esscentual Alchemy
Targetes Femme by En Voyage Perfumes
Strawberry Passion by Monica Skye Miller (Perfume Pharmer)
Wild Roses by Aftelier Perfumes
Flor Azteca by Exotic Island Aroma
Kyphi by Arabesque Aromas
Dharma Rose Eau de Cologne by Divine Life Perfume
Bubblegum Chic Extrait de Parfum by Heeley

 Congratulations to All for wonderful creations of 2012!