San Francisco 2011 Sniffapalooza Welcomes EnVoyage Perfumes

Sniffing on the Left Coast: San Francisco Event + “Flower in their Hair”

There are no local stores carrying our final presenter’s line, so I had to improvise a meeting place. Fortunately, we had perfect weather and were able to meet indie perfumer Shelley Waddington of En Voyage Perfumes out in Yerba Buena Gardens. Some of us stopped to get a snack or beverage, and it was fun to get some fresh air along with the beautifully scented air created by Shelley’s perfumes.

This was Shelley’s first presentation, and she was received with admiration and open arms by the perfumistas. Most people there were unfamiliar with Shelley’s line, and everyone was impressed and happy to have been introduced to a talented new perfumer.