Portland Examiner reviews Nectars des Iles & Vents Ardents

Here in the Pacific Northwest, summer does not begin in earnest until late June or early July, when our rainy weather suddenly gives way to clear, sunny days and soaring temperatures. We all dream of going to the beach to swim and frolic in the sand, but then we remember – it's too cold for that here, since the Pacific Ocean stays frigid for most of the year, and on the northern reaches of the coast, it never really warms up. Our lakes and rivers are either too chilly or fast-moving for the most part, so we have to get our beach fix in other ways. One good method is with perfumes that evoke the beach or the tropics, and fortunately for us sun-starved left coasters, there are numerous good choices in this genre; I have selected just a few of my own favorites. Now that summer is really here for good, let's dive right in.

One of my own favorites is a fragrance from a California indie perfume house, Nectars des Îles from En Voyage Perfumes. It is a perfectly orchestrated symphony of tropical florals, vanilla and musks. Its companion scent,Vents Ardents, was created with men in mind but I wear it a lot myself. It is a fantasy of fruits, woods, vanilla, spices and tobacco that is incredibly delicious. These two were actually made as a his-and-hers duet, and can even be layered together for an incredibly luscious fragrance experience that is the ultimate expression of a tropical paradise.


Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/scents-of-summer-time-to-hit-the-beach