Parfumo Deutschland reviews Café Cacao

HUI! Cafe Cacao comes from though. A rollercoaster of emotions, a firework of olfactory impressions, a festival of love. Half an hour after the first application of this new, extraordinary Gourmands I still have a question mark on his face. Initially I placed it as Chocolat Amere-Dusftzwilling, but soon I realized that I was completely wrong. The input note of dry, unsüsser dark chocolate gave way to a thrilling spicy Koglomerat from ambrierter, smoky milk chocolate. Does not sound delicious, but smells like that. Quasi Fumerie Turque implemented as cinnamony sweet. Nowadays there is a trend to present scents as cocktails, so why not a smoky Orientals than Starbucks Special?

But seriously:

Not only a huge power fragrance, but a daring idea have been implemented successfully with Café Cacao. The Storage system is large, the super durability. Shelley Waddington has earned her awards honestly. My first EnVoyage fragrance will certainly not be my last.

Wearable Art!

Chanelle, Parfumo Deutschland