New 2011 Perfume Spring Releases

A FRAGRANCE FIRST perfume pairing for bride and groom combines to make unexpected new third scent the signature scent of their marriage

When lovers come together, each of their individual fragrances merges with that of the other, creating a
Fragrance unity, or “marriage”, of one new, unique scent.

SAN JOSE, CA April__, 2011 When the bride and groom meet at the altar, the perfume of the bride, Nectars des les, merges with the perfume of the groom, Vents Ardents, creating a new, third fragrance the perfume of their marriage.

EnVoyage Perfumes will debut their newest fragrances, Nectars des les and Vents Ardents, at the end of April, 2011. This new launch is an innovative fragrance pairing by two talented perfumers who have collaborated across the world to compose two separate fragrances that, when the wearers come together, each scent merges with that of the other, creating a fragrance unity or “marriage” of one new, unique scent.

Nectars des les, composed by Caribbean perfumer Juan Perez, is a lush, narcotic white floral filled with authentic island florals”, according to Shelley Waddington, founder and owner of EnVoyage Perfumes. Its counterpart, Vents Ardents, composed in California by Waddington, is a fragrance snapshot of sailing in tropical seas, south sea cargoes, and wafting island fragrances.

This launch by two perfumers is perhaps the first perfume collaboration of its kind. “Shelley and I have been perfume colleagues since our meeting in 2007 and it has taken us nearly a year to perfect the melding of our two thematically related but distinct fragrances”, notes Perez.


Nectars des les
Lush native Caribbean island flowers and sparkling nectars.  Opulent.  Rich. Creamy.
Modern White Floral

Top Notes:  Wild Oranges, Mandarin, Green Citron, Osmanthus Nectar
Heart Notes: Fresh Gardenia and Tiare petal accord, Absolutes of two frangipani species, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine auriculatum.
Base Notes: Sandalwood Absolute from Vanuatu, Tahitian Vanilla, Amber and Fine White Musks
Mood:  Invitingly amorous, juicy. Dreamy, narcotic, spellbinding.
Nectars des les originates from the Caribbean and is homage to the delicious nectars and sultry flowers of the islands. It recreates a bouquet of lush island flowers with bold creamy gardenia and tiare petals at the center of the bouquet, accented with multi colored frangipani flowers. The intense tropical floral notes made with precious absolutes of Ylang Ylang, Plumeria obtusa, Plumeria acutifolia and Jasmine auriculatum are softened with sparkling natural Hesperidian notes and osmanthus nectar. The opulent base is composed of delicious sandalwood absolute from the pacific island of Vanuatu, Tahitian vanilla, rich ambers, and elegant musks.


Vents Ardents
A timeless message in a bottle, carried to shore by a gentle breeze, words from the heart.
Rustic Amber for Men and Women
Top Notes:  Curacao, Wild Oranges, Bay Rum, a touch of Tropical Fruits
Heart Notes: Venezuelan Tonka Beans, Heliotrope, Magnolia, French Narcissus
Base Notes:  Amber, Mahogany, Tobacco, Oak, Driftwood, Musky Vanilla, Balsams
Mood:  Warmly physical, ardent, adventurous, swash-buckling
Vents Ardents sails tropical seas under an ardent sultry sun.  A fragrance snapshot of smoky mahogany ships, and south sea cargoes of creamy fruits, bright Caribbean citrus, vanilla beans, bay, tobacco and Jamaican rum. Wafting island fragrances of narcissus and heliotrope are accompanied by the fragrance of waves and driftwood on sun swept sandy white beaches.

Layered Nectars des les and Vents Ardents become a new third fragrance, a signature scent for couples



The scent duo of Nectars des iles and VentsArdents are the fourth and fifth fragrances in the EnVoyage Perfumes Odyssey Collection.


About the Perfumers
Perfumer Juan Manuel Perez, a native of the Caribbean and owner of Exotic Island Aromatics, is a botanist and perfumer who is widely recognized for his specialty formulations using exotic island fragrances and high quality botanicals. His luxurious and richly fragrant candles and bath & beauty line have gained considerable media attention in Puerto Rico, the mainland U.S. and in Europe, primarily due to his originality in the use of unusual tropical flower and fruit scent combinations. Heady tropical flower notes are the hallmark of his perfume line, which is slated for launch in the near future.
Please contact Juan at his company, Exotic Island Aromatics:

Perfumer Shelley Waddington, founder and owner of EnVoyage Perfumes, has developed many devoted followers. Her time-honored, hand blending perfumery techniques are a true lost art; distinguishing her from the hundreds of other niche perfumers and earning her global recognition from fellow perfumers and people of note in the worlds of fine fragrance and fine art. With a carefully curated catalog of scents to choose from, her two collections: The Odyssey Series, which includes the exotic Makeda, the only perfume to honor the Biblical Queen of Sheba’s true name and the evocative Carmel by the Sea collection which includes Carmel de Ville, a tribute to Doris Day’s Cypress Inn of Carmel-by-the-Sea, have attracted a devoted cult following.
Please contact Shelley at EnVoyage Perfumes:


About EnVoyage Perfumes
Every Scent Is A Journey, Every Journey Has A Scent
EnVoyage Perfumes is the home of hand blended perfumes using an extensive array of fine, hard to find, bio-friendly aromatics that are sold worldwide. Each EnVoyage perfume is unique, intimate and sensuous, and is composed for men and women with individual style.
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