Nectars des îles Perfume Review


Wild Oranges, Mandarin, Green Citron, Osmanthus, Fresh Gardenia, Tiare petal accord, Frangipani, Ylang Ylang , Jasmine, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber, White Musks

It's amazing how a smell can bring to mind a strong series of pleasant memories related somehow to him. Nectars Des Ilês is another perfect olfactive trip proposed by Shelley(at this case, in partnership with her perfumer friend Juan M Perez), one that makes me think of moments of pure happiness and frugality. Caribbean inspired, the citrus and flowers of Nectars bring to mind several times a tropical hot moment where the nature aroma surrounding intensifies the welfare sensation. Although they are exotic flowers, they seem to produce a fresh aroma juts like as if you were smelling their honey right after it was extracted from the flowers.

Nectars des Îles seems to wrap your nose on a succession of flowers where the honey aroma makes you think of them blooming and releasing their smell in a harmony way, one flower after the other. The opening is a bitter and sweet citrus impression, already wrapped by the fruity and flowery aspects of osmanthus and by the sweet flowery gardenia. The second moment of the rich and tropical flowery bouquet is dominated by a white floral impression that is more delicate than carnal as you would expect from white flowers.

Each flower is presented in a satin way and you a hard balance that never chokes the nose. The mild exotic aroma leaves space to appreciate also the final moments of sweet and musky aromas, with a good balance of ambar, musk, sandalwood and vanilla, a balance that you'll only see at that moment, since it's always on the background of the main idea and it's noticeable when the flowers finish to liberate their cheerful honeyed aroma, offering a sweet woody rest to the nose which stays close to the skin for the rest of the day. The memory produced here is pure and perfect one that makes you want to live it again every time you smell it, just like you want to return to the amazing places of your trips after seeing the photos again. It's a perfect aroma to bring a bit of warm and happiness to colder and gray days.