Named Best of 2010!

I was wondering how to write the second part of wrapping up article when the girls (please click on the names for their own lists: Ida & Michelyn lovely ladies of Ça Fleure Bon;  Inteligent and Chic Elena from PerfumeShrine -who had the idea in the first place; andOlfactorama) invited me for a joint post of the "The best and worst of Scent in 2010". So here it goes dears, + Q perfume Blog unleashed her tongue for the first time and brought to you in 2 articles, the best and the worst of 2010:

So here it is darlings, the Dr. Jekills and Mr. Hides of Perfumery:
Best Limited Edition: Guerlain's L'Abeille Impériale - The dream of every Guerlain aficionado!

Perfumer of the year: Gérald Ghislain - and his amazing niche brand Histoires de Parfums.
In Memorium: can't think of one right now. But I would love to see L'Artisan get a grip with their discontinuation and new launches replacing them!

The Fragrance I loved: 1889 Moulin Rouge EDP by Histoires de Parfums.
The Fragrance I hated: SJP NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker - UGH! Just like her outfits and her movies...
Trend we can do without: OUD - sorry folks, not my favorite. L'eaux de nothing ...we want consistency!
Trend we cannot do without it: Class and elegance with creativity.
The Best Vetiver: I haven't see one this year that capture my heart - sorry...
Most ridiculous celebrity for a scent: RIP Steve McQueen- not that I don't love him (which I do) but because he is no longer here. A deceased celebrity scent is completely absurd!! Or should I choose The Sex Pistols?? Hard to pick huh?

Best Celebrity Scent: Perry Ellis Night by Perry Ellis, endorsed by gorgeous, delicious, tempting, out of this world Ron Kedmi.

Best Buzz: Mona di Orio's comeback in high style with 03 amazing fragrances!
Worst Buzz: The list is too long my dears, sorry.
I would like to have seen more of: Patchouli. Yes, more and more patchouli and irises! And more fragrances byIda Delam!

Best new fragrance concept: The first candle produced by Parfum D'Empire - Ambre Absolu by Marco Antonio Coticchiato. and Ida Delam's Parfum Le6.
Best ad: Perry Ellis Night - Ron Kedmi for Perry Ellis is my living fantasy!
Worst ad: One Million + Lady Million by Paco Rabanne - because it gives the impression that money can buy happiness and we all have a price.

Favorite Flacon: Canturi EDP by Stefano Canturi, the Australian Jewelry designer. 
Worst flacon ever: All from Jennifer Lopez since the first one till the last launch of this year - OMG, makes me angry!
Best Natural Scent: Poete de Carmel by Shelly Waddington, from her collection Carmel by the Sea collection. 
Best name of a fragrance company: Histoires de Parfums that could be the history of perfumes or stories told by perfumes. In any case, I find it brilliant!

Best flanker: Idylle EDT from the original EDP version. Fresher, more luxurious, more illuminated. Fantastic!
Worst Flanker: Shalimar Ode à la Vanille by Guerlain.
Rising star of 2010: Cleber Bozzi - Takasago Brazil.

Best masculine dept store: Acqua di Parma's Colonia Essenza
Best shared niche: Mona di Orio's Ambre
Best feminine dept store: Guerlain's Idylle EDT version

Best fragrance under 50 USD: We don't have this in Brazil due to taxes, shipping etc etc... sniff sniff... But in local stores you can find Brazilian brands such as Trousseauwith nice fragrances.