Makeda Perfume Review


Pamplemousse, Mediterranean fruits, Bitter orange, Jasmine Sambac, Cedarwood, Agarwood, Musk

Makeda sends us in an olfactive journey, back to an historical past of biblical times; but this trip leads our imagination to the smell of a person, not a place. The name of this creation refers to Queen Makeda, queen of the Kingdom of Sheba, known in Bible for her visit to King Solomon, narrated in The Book of Kings of The Old Testament. Shelley's vision of Makeda is beautiful and exotic, an interesting harmony. Makeda has a balance between the freshness and sweetness of citrus fruits, which gives the first impression of this imposing and beautiful queen. Jasmine is the responsible for bringing a more attractive side to this olfactory image, after the pleasant frutal citric opening. Most impressive, however, is the harmony of the base, which follows adorning the pleasant jasmine, here devoid of its most aggressive and carnal facet. Agarwood, cedar and musk form a warm base of woody, ambery, sweet boundaries, where agarwood is noticeable for never stealing other notes' scene, instead becoming evident as a primitive aura that surrounds and gives them the royal and noble aroma expected from a beautiful and exotic Queen. Makeda evokes a journey of a scent that combines a certain primitive aura to an uncomplicated beauty, delicate and harmonious, with a timeless scent that would be well received in biblical times and that is sophisticated and modern to be also used today.