L'Emblem Rouge reviewed by Brazilian Henrique Brito

Cassie, Mace, Cinnamon, Bitter Orange, Juicy Grapefruit, Green Pepper, Iranian galbanum, Violet, and Cistus, Organic Iranian Rose Otto, Ylang-Ylang, Heliotrope,  French Jasmine sambac, Violet,Honey, Guaiacwood, Sandalwood, Copaiba, Vetiver, Cedarwood Virginia, Tolu Balsam, Benzoin Siam,   Tonka, Vanilla and Ambergris.

Personal Note L'Emblem Rouge:  9,5
Personal Note L'Eau de Emblem Rouge: 8,0

part of a collection made of 100% natural ingredients, L'Emblem Rouge is a pleasant surprise considering the main theme of its composition, a rose aroma. It's hard to create a perfume that puts its efforts on the identity of this flower and still is able to stand out in a market that has plenty of great rose fragrances.
L'Emblem Rouge is able to do it precisely by interpreting the flower smell, by creating creating complex layers of opening, hear and base, layers that transmit the rose natural aroma at different shapes using it as key part but not restricting to only the rose to this process. At the opening the combination of spices and citrus notes make a constrast of freshness and spiciness in a equilibrated mood, with a secondary green nuance and a honeyed flowery smell. This honeyed flower smell goes in and out of focus, combining with the velvet and musky aroma of the roses and the spicy tonality at the heart.As it driesdown, the beauty and complex rose relies on a discreet and cozy base of subtle resins, powders, musks, completed by an abstract wood aroma.
The abstraction is exatcly the most intense beauty of L'Emblem, the part able to make it a rose full of little details harmonized with the flower and that make her even more beauty. The only restriction here is the longevity and sillage, the first medium and the second close to skin, making L'Emblem Rouge a subtle beauty where tou have to pay attention to its details.

L'Eau de Emblem Rouge also stand out by its harmony and quality of its smells, even tough it's even more closer to skin and more direct in its smell than Emblem Rouge.  With a seldom use technique,a inovation of the brand in partnership with the distiller Dabney Roge, L'Eau is the result of an extraction made from the complex Rouge, as an addition to the main creation. L'Eau is less misterious than Emblem, focusing more at the rose smell and delivering a delicate floral that remains stable during all its evolution. The extraction loose a good part of the musky and oriental details, but gave focus to a floral with slightly green and fruity nuances that are bitter and seem a unique combination on fruity rose aromas. L'Eau de Emblem Rouge with its smells feels like a rose dew that got set in the skin creating a beuatiful aura almost absent, but one that remains enough if applied without moderation.

Corstesy of En Voyage Perfumes, the blog will randomly give a kit containing a roll-on miniature of L'Emblem Rouge and a spray miniature of L'Eau de Emblem Rouge. To participate, just leave a comment until the end of October 29th about which fragrances of the brand draw your attention, explaing the reason of the choice. At Sunday a winner will be ramdonly picked.

Source: http://brumaperfumada.blogspot.com