GoodSmella Carlos J Powell Reviews New En Voyage Perfumes

New En Voyage Perfumes Souvenir de Chocolate Trio Review by Carlos J Powell

Image by Klara Fowler Photography

En Voyage Perfumes, founded by Shelly Waddington, will be releasing a trio of perfumes, called Souvenir de Chocolat. They are Indigo Vanilla, Captured In Amber, and Café Cacao. They are delightful and should be on all gourmand lovers to try list.

I was first exposed to En Voyage Perfumes when Shelley released Vents Ardents and Nectars des Îles (with Perfumer Juan A. Perez), and I was immediately hooked.

I was very excited when I heard Shelley was releasing these, and she was more than happy to oblige with samples. When they arrived, I ripped open the package and immediately got them on my skin. Wow! How did she take on such a decadent theme, without creating overly cloying perfumes? Well she did! These perfumes have already won three First Place Gold Medals at The Artisan Fragrance Salon People's Choice Awards 2014 for Best in Salon, Top Artisan Perfumer, and Most Seductive Scent. Congrats!

Here are the notes for each perfume

Captured in Amber - Classic Persian & Arabian amber accords (benzoin, ambergris, myrrh, labdanum, frankincense, Tolu and Peru balsams) vanilla, patchouli & dark South American chocolate.

Café Cacao - Vanilla powder, rose sugar, ground cardamom, bergamot peel, espresso café, steamed milk, salt, dark cacao, whipped crème, soft amber, Himalayan musk and New Zealand beach-combed ambergris.

Indigo Vanilla - Sugared violets accord, blanc chocolat chaud accord, Créme Douce accord, amber, vanilla, musk and wood notes.