Fragrantica: Nectars des Îles and Vents Ardents Reviews

By: Elena Knezhevich

“When lovers come together, each of their individual fragrances merges with that of the other, creating a Fragrance unity, or 'marriage', of one new, unique scent.”

SAN JOSE, CA April, 2011 When the bride and groom meet at the altar, the perfume of the bride, Nectars des iles, merges with the perfume of the groom,Vents Ardents, creating a new, third fragrance the perfume of their marriage.


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EnVoyage Perfumes will debut their newest fragrances, Nectars des les and Vents Ardents, at the end of April, 2011. This new launch is an innovative fragrance pairing by two talented perfumers who have collaborated across the world to compose two separate fragrances that, when the wearers come together, each scent merges with that of the other, creating a fragrance unity or “marriage” of one new, unique scent.

Nectars des les, composed by Caribbean perfumer Juan Perez, is a lush, narcotic white floral filled with authentic island florals,” according to Shelley Waddington, founder and owner of EnVoyage Perfumes. Its counterpart, Vents Ardents, composed in California by Shelley Waddington, is a fragrance snapshot of sailing in tropical seas, south seas cargo, and wafting island fragrances. This launch by two perfumers is perhaps the first perfume collaboration of its kind. “Shelley and I have been perfume colleagues since our meeting in 2007 and it has taken us nearly a year to perfect the melding of our two thematically related but distinct fragrances,” notes Perez.


Mood: Invitingly amorous, juicy. Dreamy, narcotic, spellbinding.

It originates from the Caribbean and pays homage to the delicious nectars and sultry flowers of the islands.

It recreates a bouquet of lush island flowers with bold creamy gardenia and tiare petals at the center of the bouquet, accented with multi-colored frangipani flowers. The intense tropical floral notes made with precious absolutes of Ylang Ylang, Plumeria obtusa, Plumeria acutifolia and Jasmine auriculatum are softened with sparkling natural Hesperidian notes and osmanthus nectar. The opulent base is composed of delicious sandalwood absolute from the pacific island of Vanuatu, Tahitian vanilla, rich ambers and musks.

Perfume Review

Nectars des les is a rich tropical composition, full of juices and exotic floral fragrances which surround you with their colorful petals right from the first breath. You start your journey in the lush green forest, where your nose explores the woody nuances of ylang and the dewy coolness of osmanthus. As the fragrance opens, sunshiny notes slowly conquer the dark forest green tones. You’re making a slow retreat from the green jungle, blinded by white flowers.


Mood: Warmly physical, ardent, adventurous, swash-buckling

Vents Ardents sails tropical seas under an ardent sultry sun. A fragrance snapshot of smoky mahogany ships, and south seas cargo of creamy fruits, bright Caribbean citrus, vanilla beans, bay, tobacco and Jamaican rum.

Wafting island fragrances of narcissus and heliotrope are accompanied by the fragrance of waves and driftwood on sun-swept sandy white beaches. Layered, Nectars des les and Vents Ardents become a new third fragrance, a signature scent for couples. The scent duo of Nectars des les and Vents Ardents are the fourth and fifth fragrances in the EnVoyage Perfumes Odyssey Collection.

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Vents Ardents sounds more masculine, but no less exotic. Just like the Nectars des les, this bouquet opens with rich and very intense notes, but flowers represent the even part together with other exotic impressions of this "pirate fragrance." The composition is generally sweet, but its sweetness has the masculine temperament of rum, tobacco, woods and balms. It smells very adventurous.

Source: Photo of perfumes by EnVoyage Perfumes

Author: Elena Knezevic (jeca)
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