Fragrance Belles-Lettres Review of Natural Perfumes: Special Edition reviews l’Emblem Rouge and L’eau de Emblem Rouge



   There are so many new and exciting natural perfumes being created that it can be a little overwhelming but I believe in reviewing those that capture the essence and spirit of perfumery that leaves room for more interpretations. 

   In this issue, I will focus on four natural perfumers who are blessed with amazing talents in uplifting the spirit through scents. The five perfumers/perfumeries are Rodney HughesShelley WaddingtonSophia DuToit and Nikki Skerritt and the House of Matriarch.

   EN VOYAGE PERFUMES owner and perfumer, Shelley Waddington collaborated with Master Distiller and author, Dabney Rose to create an eau de parfum that is a fusion of a spicy rose scent and a mixture of floral water composed by Dabney Rose to give a fabulous duo of L' EMBLEM ROUGE EAU DE PARFUM and L' EAU DE EMBLEM ROUGE (floral water). 

  L'EMBLEM ROUGE EAU DE PARFUM is the first perfume in the En Voyage's new RUBICON COLLECTION that is of 100% natural scents. 

  This perfume is simply bursting with the world's finest notes that overwhelms me with its elegant and masterfully crafted take on some of the most difficult scents to work on. 

I simply love fragrances that are abundantly clear that using many fragrance notes is simply a challenge and skill that is welcome and Shelley and Dabney excellently makes this statement so true.

  What a brilliant way to introduce a partnership. I truly enjoyed Dabney's approach to creating L'EAU DE EMBLEM that is to be paired withL'EMBLEM ROUGE by using Bourbon roses that are lush and fruity along with fresh roses. There was a process called "double distillation" used to make the scent a bit more rosy. This process was then poured over the distilling rose petals and there you have FLORAL WATER. Simply amazing!

 I am not one for the standard rose scent and L'EMBLEM ROUGE EAU DEPARFUM  is far from standard. It is extraordinary in the grandest sense "scent" of the word. 

 I love the whimsical spicy nugent that flairs up right in the middle of the scent that keeps you holding your wrist to your nose. It is intoxicating and it is an elegant approach to sensuality. 

 L' EMBLEM ROUGE EAU DE PARFUM features TOP NOTES: cassie, mace, cinnamon, bitter orange, juicy grapefruit, green pepper, Iranian galbanum, violet and cistus   HEART NOTES: Iranian Rose Otto, ylang-ylang, heliotrope, French Jasmine Sambac, violet and honey    BASE NOTES:guaiacwood, sandalwood, copaiba, vetiver, cedarwood virginia, toul balsam, benzoin siam, tonka, vanilla and ambergris.