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 En Voyage Fiore di Bellagio ~ new perfume
Posted by  on 13 September 2014 

California-based indie line En Voyage has launched Fiore di Bellagio, a new fragrance inspired by Caron's Bellodgia, and by Zelda Fitzgerald, who also inspired the brand's Zelda scent (2013).

“ZELDA the perfume has grown a life of its own and the enthusiasm continues after the initial furor of shows, awards, and reviews," states Ms. [Shelley] Waddington. "This era was an important time for perfume; the Roaring 20’s was the decade of iconic fragrances. My thoughts this past year kept returning to Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. What perfumes might have been on Zelda’s dressing table when she returned after her expatriation? What was THE arresting new fragrance of that age that would best suit her complex personality? I knew immediately; Caron’s Bellodgia, which was composed by the legendary perfumer Ernest Daltroff in 1927.”

The notes feature lemon, citrus, green leaves, ylang ylang, carnation; gardenia, jasmine, rose, muguet, violet, bois de rose, vanilla, sandalwood, iris, costus, vintage resins, civet and musk. 

En Voyage Fiore di Bellagio is available in .6 oz Eau de Parfum ($75) or .25 oz Parfum ($95).

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