Envoyage Nectars des Îles EDP Perfume Review

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Envoyage Nectar des Iles EDP

I love perfumes that start with an idea and execute that idea. Envoyage Perfumes Nectars des Îles is one of those perfumes

"Excuse me! Wait. Excuse me!"

I hear this and keep on walking down the steep hill with two smooshed face creatures pulling my shoulders out of place. "What does she want?" I ask myself. It's the evening. I'm tired. I just want to walk my dogs, go home, cook dinner and watch Modern Family.

"Excuse me."

OK that's it and I turn around. I'm not going to give you money or join your cult. I already know my dogs are adorable. Leave me alone.

"You smell wonderful. What are you wearing?" she asks, a smile across her face. Carrying a bag and lunch pail, it's obvious that she just got off of work and was dropped off at the bus stop a few blocks back.

I didn't expect to hear this while walking the frugs. I just sprayed Envoyage Nectars des Îles before leaving the house as a my "evening pick-me-up".

She goes on, "You smell great. This smell reminds me of my honeymoon on the Mexican Caribbean." She smiles. You can tell that she forgets that she just got off of a stressful day of work and commuting. You can tell that she forgot that the weather is cold, gloomy and rainy. She seems to be reminiscing of one of the happiest times of her life.

"Thank you. It's a new perfume for me from an artisanal perfume house called Envoyage. It's Nectars des Îles. And it's based on the Caribbean!" I say and realize that I ramble way too much and she won't remember that name. My dogs are tugging, gagging (smooshed face dogs do that all of the time), and demanding attention from strangers. It's raining and quickly getting dark. Everyone is exhausted.

"It's very nice", she says smiling. I nod and walk away.

Ann Corio tropical

Nectars des Îles is a wedding fragrance for the bride and of course, for the groom to enjoy as well, by Envoyage Perfumes. It originates from the Caribbean and is inspired by lush, intoxicating island flowers, abundant fruits and pure bliss.

Nectars des Îles has some spicy florals backing up the juicy, tart, beaming citrus opening. It's very beautiful. There's the faintest chewy apricot and tea leaf…osmanthus, one of my olfactory weaknesses. Underneath the fruit and floral nectars there is a tiare brushed with a dry, sandy coconut. Nectars des Îles is abstract and radiant. With some time, I'm totally swept off my feet. Nectars des Îles becomes a lush, tropical white floral. It's so romantic! The florals are white, pure, sweet, dewy. No indoles or "overripe" gardenia. This is a modern white floral that is clean and breezy. The dry-down is like warm sand, sweet tiare oil and a whisper of slightly spicy white florals.

I hope that the woman in my neighborhood went home with her scent memories. I hope that she forgot about the monotonous day at work and forgot about the cool rain and gloomy skies. I hope she was filled with memories of sunshine, warm sand and romantic bliss. I hope she went home and was unusually amorous towards her husband who also had a boring day at work. I love to think of a fragrance having the power to change our mood; hence, changing our future.

Notes include wild orange, mandarin, citron, osmanthus nectar, gardenia, tiare, frangipani, ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla, amber and white musks. PERFUMER – Juan Manuel Perez

Give Nectars des Îles a try if you like tropical white florals or perfumes like Ormonde Jayne Frangipani, "original" Marc Jacobs, Chantecaille Petales, Lucy B Pink Frangipani, Annick Goutal Songes and/or "original" Juicy Couture. Being a tropical fruity-floral, I see Nectars des Îles as a feminine fragrance. It is a must try for anyone that loves tropical white florals.

Projection and sillage of Nectars des Îles is above average. I did have a random person ask about my perfume while I was walking outside. I find longevity to be above average too.

Envoyage Nectars des Îles comes in 2 sizes with prices ranging from $40-$70. Bottles and samples can be purchased at Envoyage Perfumes.

Victoria's Final EauPINIONJuicy citrus and floral nectars over modern tropical white florals. It's a Caribbean holiday in a bottle. The world has resort clothing and this is a resort fragrance. I can't wait to see what else Mr. Perez has to offer us.

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