EauMG Reviews Durango

You’ll want to try this if you are looking for a “damp forest” perfume.

Envoyage Perfumes Durango EDP

Envoyage Perfumes Durango

Notes listed include sagebrush, pink pepper, citrus, salt, cactus flowers, laurel, pin, tumbleweed, creosote, heart wood and musk. PERFUMER -Shelley Waddington

Durango is inspired by Earth and Salt. Durango opens with the realistic smell of sagebrush and dust. There is dry pink pepper over zesty dry evergreen needles. The citrus in this gives a feel of a desert breeze. The dry down is dry woods and musk. Durango is an amazing fragrance. I have never tried anything else like it. It has this “vast” feeling, like being in the middle of the desert on a spiritual retreat.

This is a very attractive masculine fragrance. More men should smell like this. Trust me. It retails for $55-$75 at Envoyage Perfumes.

Article source: http://www.eaumg.net/primordial-scents-earth-perfumes/