Carmel Bohéme perfume review


Notes: Gardenia, Sweet Orange, Plum, Tuberose, Jasmine, Honey, Frankincense, Labdanum, Amber, Sandalwood

Inside the Carmel-by-the-Sea collection, Carme Bohéme is Shelley's gift to the origins of the city interpreting it with a beautiful and well-constructed natural and exotic aroma. Carmel Bohéme goes back to the origins of the city, Bohemia-by-the-Sea. Bohemia was the beginning of everything, the place conceived by the artists that created them and the purpose of keeping the beauty, exuberance and intensity of the nature contrasting it with the artistic freedom is noticed in Carmel Bohéme by the contrast of flowery aromas and incensed ones.

At some aspects, Carmel Bohéme gets similar to the exotic intensity of incense in wonderful discontinued Yves Saint Laurent Nu. What differentiates them is Shelley sensibility on the balance of the elements in the idea. Her trip to the beginnings of Carmel respects the nature aromas the same way as its founders respected the nature, working on the citrus and sweet fruit elements of the opening and conducting them to a nature of milky and green flowers in an execution that indicates the flowers surrounding the sweet fruits and citric ones.

The harmony makes Carmel Bohéme possessor of an abstract aura, where you see less the contrast of the different flowers, which makes it hard to pick the single aroma flowers on the overall context. The result of it seems to be an exotic aroma which is not tiresome to the nose. The incense of Carmel Bohéme wraps the smelly landscape with a smoky, slightly musky and woody aroma, just like a mist that brings the resins and woody aromas of the artists incense sticks, fusing them with the natural smells of the scenery without ruining or spoiling it.

The sensual freedom of the trip in Carmel Bohéme consists of enjoy the natural exuberance of the city as part of nature, a sensual that reveals itself as a constant and harmonic voice of flowers, incenses, fruits and woods.