Candy Perfume Boy Reviews Zelda

Kate Bush’s 1989 album, The Sensual World is full of romance and emotion. As the name suggests, it’s her most sensual album to date and whether the romances she speaks of in the lyrics are great ones, or even weird ones involving Hitler’s amorphous head, they are incredibly captivating. Whilst The Sensual World may not be Bush’s most consistent album, it does contain ‘This Woman’s Work’, her most heartbreaking song, so all can be forgiven.

The album’s title track takes inspiration from James Joyce’s Ulysses, and charts Molly Bloom’s adventure as she steps aware from the book’s monochrome pages to the real, sensual world. Kate coos and whispers the word ‘yes’ throughout the song, creating a dreamy and warm sense of joy. The joy of nature and the sensuality of this song make me think of En Voyage Perfumes’ magnificent Zelda (Shelley Waddington; 2013) - a big white, and creamy magnolia fragrance that feels incredibly natural but also larger than life. It is fragrant joy in a bottle.