A Perfumed Anointing

A Perfumed Anointing ~

Makeda by EnVoyage Perfumes is expressly made to awaken carnal passion and to issue a siren call of seduction and intrigue.

Makeda uses the magic of herbal planetary correspondences with mercury, neptune, jupiter and venus, to awaken passion and invoke love.

Bitter orange is considered to be the magical fruit of love and fertility shared among the ancient goddesses of mythology. Associated with modern quests, it used to strengthen the seeker and to reward the victorious.

Fruits of Venus, the goddess of ardor and sensuality, are used to conjure attractiveness, appeal, seductiveness, eroticism, ecstasy, elegance, and rapture.

Jasmine isknown to stir the imagination,

and is the sacred herb of the goddess Diana, who was renowned for her beauty, glamour, and compassion.

Cedar, the fragrant wood burned by the ancients, is associated with Mercury, the carrier of messages, is used to evoke insight and to bestow blessings between lovers.

Family: Oriental-Woody

Top notes: Pamplemousse, Mediterranean Fruits of Venus, Bitter Orange des Caribes
Middle notes: French Jasmine Sambac
Base notes: Cedarwood, Agarwood, and Sultry Musks

Mood: Lyrical, mysterious, passionate, and carnaI

Wear Makeda to cast a spell of inner queenly power and your own personal song of desire.

Awaken Passion, Invoke Love


by EnVoyage Perfumes

Perfumer: Shelley Waddington

Natural or blended: Blended. Very high percentage natural.

Sillage and Longevity: Good, the sillage is a nice waft and you can go all night with one application

worth the risk to purchase unsniffed: Yes, a very beautiful, sweet, sensual sexy scent.

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En Voyage Perfumer Shelly Waddington is kindly offering a full 15ml bottle of Makeda for Perfume Pharmer s I put a Spell on YOU Love Potion perfume DRAW February 14th . please comment on this post to be entered in the Makeda draw and on ALL of our Love Spells to be entered in each draw all draws will take place on Valentines Day.

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