Fiore di Bellagio

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An opulent blend of Florentine Iris, Bulgarian Rose Otto, and Vintage Resins form the sensual backdrop for the spicier facets of precious carnation.

Fiore di Bellagio is crafted in the 1920’s vintage style of fragrance worn by European and American beauties of the Golden Age. Exquisitely recreated and contemporized for more modern noses, Fiore di Bellagio retains the quality of a vintage masterpiece that will forever delight and inspire.

TOP NOTES: Italian Lemon and Citrus, Green Leaves, Ylang Ylang

HEART NOTES: Spicy Carnation; Gardenia absolute, Jasmin absolute, Bulgarian Rose Otto, Muguet, Violet, Bois de Rose

BASE NOTES: Dark Vanilla, Antique Sandalwood, Iris Florentine (Orris absolute), Costus Oil, Vintage Resins, Civet and Musks


What People Are Saying…

I'm simply mad for Fiore. It won the 2014 Top Artisan Fragrance of the Year Award—and for good reason. It's a master composition unto itself. – Ida Meister, Fragrantica Magazine

This is a bouquet scent in the best sense, harkening back to classic French perfumery of seamless blending, and if someone told me that this actually was a Caron I had never smelled before it would not surprise me. – Donna Hathaway, Perfume Smellin’ Things Magazine

Fiore di Bellagio is an exquisitely crafted eau de parfum using a very high percentage of pure extraits and proprietary blends. – Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief, CaFleureBon Magazine

"I think this is her finest creation to date." – Tama Blough, Managing Editor CaFleureBon Magazine.

Superb. I loved Fiore di Bellagio from the first whiff. I've had my nose glued to my wrist since the first moment I put it on. It is inspired by Caron Bellodgia, but it's modernised. It's not a replica, but you can definitely smell its vintage inspiration. Fiore di Bellagio is a very rich and true flower scent with a resinous base. It's oppulent, spicy, rich, very slightly sweet. – Michael Smith, Lanier Scents Memory Magazine

Retro, exuberant, luxurious and much more... another beauty by Shelley Waddington! – Simone Schitrit, Mais Que Perfume Magazine

Fiore di Bellagio reminds me of burgundy velvet and candlelight chandeliers. From the beginning the citrus notes are soft and sparkle like the crystal prisms catching the light from the candles throwing it back with a soft focus, and they blend with a berry-waxiness of aldehydes, like red lipstick marks on wineglasses. It is a really gorgeous and warm hearted fragrance, a truly beautiful vintage inspired fragrance, which manages to stay retro modern, if this is a trend; BRING IT ON! – Tara, Olfactoria’s Travels Magazine

I just applied my sample of Fiore di Bellagio and I must say I am overwhelmed at the beauty of this fragrance!! I love her more than Zelda and that's saying something! – Charlotte Scheuer, Founder, Facebook Fragrance Friends

SOTE: Shelley Waddington's gorgeous new Fiore di Bellagio. I will write a full review soon, but for now it's just one word: ERMAHGERD! It's much more than carnations, it's a symphony of pastel floral notes. It's a lovely cloud of a perfume, with lots of jasmine as well as carnation, and has a vintage feeling; it was inspired by the great Bellodgia by Caron, but softer and less spicy. – Donna Hathaway, Perfume Smellin’ Things Magazine

The new Fiore Di Bellagio from En Voyage perfumes is stunning, retro, civety carnation! – Robert Hermann

I know this scent is meant to pay homage to Italian gardens but honestly...I get Argentina during the height of tango, with the spicy carnation, gardenia, jasmine grounded in sandalwood and musk. I hear Por una Cabeza, women scented in a carnation floral wave, dancing closely in smoky cafes where the warm air carries their scent... It is gorgeous. Like putting your face into a big bunch of carnations and inhaling deeply. – Lillian Betts Holloway

This blew me away - so gorgeous and evocative, and I am not usually a fan of floral perfumes. Shelley Waddington is brilliant and a perfumer I admire greatly. – Rosarito

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