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Masculine Woody Amber

Durango was inspired by the elements of Earth and Salt. My goal in making this masculine fragrance was to capture the coolness of a desert evening while incorporating the terroir of rural Texas earth, sand, tumbleweeds and cactus flowers. – Shelley Waddington

ELEMENT: Earth, Mineral, Salt

MOOD: A cool desert evening

TOP NOTES: Sagebrush, Pink Peppercorn, Citrus

HEART NOTES: Salt, Cactus Flower, Creosote Leaves

BASE NOTES: Vetiver, Salt, Desert Woods, Musk


What People Are Saying…

I’ve had brief and colorful encounters with desert/mountain regions via Georgia O Keefe’s south-western paintings. From the first whiff of Durango I was completely transported to the ‘Desert Twilight in the Old West’. It has my imagination reeling. I immediately thought, how did my spirit forget that the desert too has its share of treasures? I don’t know how Ms. Waddington came to putting this art in a bottle. – Anu Essentials, Anu Prestonia

The citrus in Durango gives a feel of a desert breeze. Durango is an amazing fragrance. I have never tried anything else like it. Durango has a “vast” feeling, like being in the middle of the desert on a spiritual retreat. This is a very attractive masculine fragrance. More men should smell like this. Trust me. – EauMG, Victoria Jent

“Durango is sandy earthiness, freshened by soft rain water. Sagebrush, vetiver, with a woody amber effect. The notes within sing out in a chorus, and you can try to concentrate on each one but they are best as they combine into a deep voice singing a bluesy country song like Hank Williams, for you alone. Seductively masculine it would be also be well worn by a woman who is called to warming deep earthy notes. Cactus flower, creosote leaves, salt, musk.” – Indie Perfumes Magazine

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