Natural Isolates Online Course

$ 250.00

Perfuming With Natural Isolates correspondence course is offered year-round and allows each student to work at their own pace. The course includes ongoing, personal email support. Tuition includes a kit of 18 natural isolates.

The course material was developed by Shelley Waddington, MA, with the assistance of two perfume chemist consultants.

Natural Isolates Online Course

  • The New Trend in Natural Perfuming
  • The use of natural isolates is fast becoming a new standard in natural perfumery.
  • This online course is designed to allow perfume students and professionals to take advantage of this new trend by providing a basic understanding of what an isolate is, how it is produced, and how to incorporate isolates into their own perfume compositions. Attendees will also receive a comprehensive bibliography for personal reference.


"One of the best classes I have had the opportunity to attend." ~Cindy Whitaker

Shelley is uniquely qualified to teach this kind of course because she straddles the natural perfumery and chemistry worlds.  This course is a wealth of information.  ~Maggie Mahboubian


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