$ 80.00

An Olfactive Talisman

Talismans offer protection from evil-doers, and are worn by many cultures to overcome evils in the world.

Figa Eau de Parfum is the fragrance equivalent of the powerful Figa amulet. It celebrates strength, power, vision and success. Containing precious oils, selected for specific energetic protective qualities, In the face of tough contemporary political issues, Figa is specifically designed to wear for personal protection from evil, be it from people or governments.

Fragrance Family: Figa is an outlier whose sui generis fragrance doesn’t fit into any established perfume family traditions. It is designed for both men and women.


In addition to Blackberry, Rose de Mai, Orange Blossom, Smoke, Amber and Musk, Figa also includes 

  • Bergamot — A traditional annointing oil for protection from misfortune and physical danger
  • Geranium — Used for ritual purification, good fortune and assistance
  • Rose — Induces thoughts of loving affection and promotes peaceful, harmonious vibrations
  • Jasmin — Worn for blessings, protection and good luck
  • Violet — Used to ward off evil and to bring calm to quarrels
  • Patchouli — Wards off evil and negativity
  • Cedarwood — Enhances honor, wealth, and dignity
  • Amyris — A Venusian oil used for healing
  • Sandalwood — A spiritual oil used for healing
  • Vanilla — Used for soothing, healing, and good fortune
  • Labdanum — Brings qualities of focused attention, audacity, conquest of illusion, master-power success and victory.

Perfumer: Shelley Waddington

Creative Director: Michelyn Camen

Figa was named by Creative Director Michelyn Camen as part of the Project Talisman multi-perfumer collaboration honoring the CaFleureBon 7th year Anniversary.

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