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Reviewer Insights: Perfume do Dia by Henrique Perella July 28, 2015 01:30




As Brazilian perfume writer, Henrique, notes in his review, Frida Eau de Parfum pays homage to a great Mexican artist on what would be her 108th birthday.  Perella generously describes the dominant tuberose as "an exuberant flower, a beauty with an unconventional and a vibrant and complex aroma, having a kind of surrealist side in its smell and on the other hand with a beauty in its aroma that seems to celebrate  life.

Henrique also likens the facets of Frida eau de parfum to the many aspects of the complicated woman herself, "...sometimes fruity and floral and other times becoming carnal, sexual, with animalic nuance acting in the background of the composition.

"There is another aspect here that makes me think of Frida in a more solemn and contemplative way, continues the author, "perhaps by the presence of chypre elements and a clever use of the leathery iso-butyl quinoline aroma, which is exploited here to create the green pepper aroma that this material precisely has in its secondary notes. And there is also the Frida vibrant, full of life, which extracts the best, using what would be her faults as virtues and beauty.

"The scent of tuberose is thus transformed by the hands of Shelley: a dry green refers to the sap of plants, evolving into a vibrant floral aroma blend of tuberose, hibiscus with a hint of jasmine and ylang to complement the beauty and exoticism of the composition.

"...you can extract different impressions and textures of this perfume, which is concerned mainly in celebrating the contradictions that make us human and as attractive as we are.

"By celebrating the great artist, Shelley makes me wonder what are we losing in perfumery as we seek fragrances that do not challenge in the beginning, fragrances that bring more of the same.

"We need more people like Frida Kahlo and perfumes as Frida."