Go Ask Alice awarded #1 Top International Perfume Release for 2011

Memorable fragrances that launched in 2011:

1. En Voyage Perfumes, Go ask Alice
2. Mad et Len, Patchouli
3. Sisley, Eau d’Ikar
4. Elie Saab, Le Parfum
5. Jouany, Marrakech
6. Creed, Royal Oud
7. Chloe, Love, Chloe Eau Intense
8. Yves Rocher, Comme Une Evidence Green for Men
9. Lacoste, L.12.12. White
10. Estee Lauder, Wild Elixir

Go Ask Alice holds my #1 spot for 2011 as it radically shifted my perception of natural perfumes and cemented my love for patchouli…and I have yet to meet a single person who dislikes it. Mad et Len is a new, French, niche perfumery that I came across at a boutique in Helsinki and their version of patchouli – tinged with rose and lemon – is absolutely mesmerizing. Sisley’s first official fragrance “for men” arrived with a triumphant flash of warm, spicy greens; Elie Saab’s eponymous first fragrance appealed to my orange blossom and patchouli affection; and Jouany’s Marrakech continued the orange blossom theme albeit as a natural perfume that is unlike any other orange blossom fragrance I’ve yet experienced. Creed offered a number of new scents this year but none were more compelling than their relaxed, well-blended take on oud. Some might suggest it isn’t oudy enough, but when compared to Creed’s other takes on single notes (for example, Original Vetiver or Original Santal), one can understand the aesthethic as “fragrant interpretation” rather than straight up smell-alike.

Source: http://theperfumecritic.com/2011/12/confessions-of-an-aromaholic-2011-fragrance-discoveries/