CaFleureBon Awards 2011: Indie Rising Star of the Year: Shelley Waddington Best

CaFleureBon Indie Rising Star of the Year Award Goes to Shelley Waddington; Best Collaboration of 2011 Award Goes to Vents Ardents & Necars des Iles

CaFleureBon Best (& Worst) of 2011

Rising Star – Indie

Shelley Waddington, EnVoyage Perfumes- Shelley has caused quite a stir with her scent line, including a couple of my faves, Peche Noir and Go Ask Alice, and I look forward to smelling what’s next.

Best Collaboration

Shelley Waddington and Juan Perez - for the two fragrances Vents Ardents and Nectar de Iles for En Voyage. Representing the bride and groom scents that then merge to become one, the sensational tropical scents were created to be worn singly or layered.